Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein ‘ BIG TWIST ‘: Sai gets an idea , Samrat confronts Pakhi

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Sai and Virat relationship will face more difficulties. First of all sai made some mistakes due to which Virat is very angry on her.Sai has told no one but has stop the transfer of Virat without his knowledge.

Virat gets to know due to that it was sai who has stop the transfer, he tells the truth in front of everyone. After all this pakhi and Samrat goes for shopping and she buys some gift for Virat and sai.

Pakhi comes in Virat room, to give the gift to him,sai denies to take the gift from her. Pakhi says that she is not actually happy in the relationship, but still she is acting in front of everyone .

Sai tells that she knows is very well Pakhi get shocked to know that. Both of them start arguing,sai asks to be happy in the relationship with Samrat.

Samrat overhears all this conversation and thinks that patralekha is again planning something.Sai denies to sit in the griha shanti puja, Virat gets angry and locks her in the room.

Sai runs away from the room through the window and goes to her college there she meets Pulkit, he makes her understand that how she should behave with everyone and makes things ok.

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