Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein:SHOCKING! Pakhi puts her saree in the hawan fire


Everyone goes to Virats room to free Sai but they find that sai is not in the room. After seeing that she is not in room Virat stars thinking that what happened.

Virat look from the balcony and finds that Sai has escaped from the balcony, Samrat says that there must be some reason that she has done this.

Shivani says Sai did all these because of Virat’s rudeness.Sai speaks to Pulkit.He tells after her exit they will understand her value. Sai says Pulkit loves her thus he thinks like that but she knows Chavans will be happy without presence.

Virat informs Chavans that Sai left for college and escaped using pipe.the family starts the puja.Pakhi recalls how Virat saved her from fire before marriage.

Pakhi gets upset as Virat’s effort has been wasted, Vaishali comes there and asks Pakhi that what happened. Bhawani says that she was missing her.

She tries to do the same so that virat do something for her,she puts her saree in the fire,Samrat extinguishes the fire immediately.Pakhi find sthat virat does not have any feelings for her.

Sai returns home,virat ignores her. Devyani gets happy seeing her. She praises her for running away.

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