Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 10th September 2021: Sai and Pakhi cheer for Virat and Samrat

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Sai has told the family that her relation with Virat is a compromise, the family members had scolded her for saying on this.

The family celebrating Janmashtami and it is the time for Dahi Handi breaking. Everyone is very excited Virat and Samrat gets ready.

Pakhi and Sai Cheers for Virat and Samrat, while cheering up Pakhi takes Virat name and Sai feels awkward.

Suddenly Samrat loses his balance and Virat saves him. Slowly slowly the differences between Samrat and Virat comes to an end they start enjoying together.

The family gets very happy seeing Samrat and Virat, getting close to each other. Upcoming episodes it will be shown that sai will say to the family that she has stopped Virat’s transfer.

She also had that she has done only so that he stays with his family. Virat reveals to the family that it is Sai who has stopped his transfer, she also agrees to the senses that whatever punishment Virat wants to give her she is ready to agree.

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