Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th September 2021: Veer finds the truth,Rani cries

Apna time bhi aayega

The lawyer says something to Vijaya, Vijaya says that she does not want any advice she asks him just to check the papers. He tells that all the papers are ok.

Rani tells that her mousaji has already checked all the papers she asks Vijaya to sign the paper. Vijaya is about to send the paper when Sagar comes there and pours water on Vijaya’s saree as per plan.

Rani changes the papers, Rani ask Vijaya to sign the papers and forget all that has happened, she tells Vijay about all the insult that she has faced due to the Rajawat’s.

Rajeshwari arrives there and Rani gets shocked. Rajeshwari asks that does she think like this about them. Rani tries to explain and says that there is a misunderstanding.

Rajeshwari denies to hear anything from her she says that Rani has betrayed her. Vijaya says that Rani was only helping her. Vijaya asks that how can they know each other and what is her relationship with Rani.

She is above revealing the truth when the fire alarm interrupts them. They run away from their and Rajeshwari starts blaming Rani. She asks them to give her a chance but they don’t listen to her.

Rajmata asks that why did she do like this she tells that she has done a very bad thing by joining hands with Vijaya and she didn’t expect this from her. Rani tries to say something but Rajeshwari stops her and accuses her.

Vikram calls and asks Where are they. Rani tells that she will explain everything to them but first she need to explain it to veer.

Jai Singh signs that money is missing from his personal things that it is Nandini. He finds the money in Nandini’s cupboard he starts blaming her he says that he was thinking about starting a business.

She goes to veer . He tells her that he knows that she will say that she did everything for him and their family. He says to her that he won’t applaud her for this plan. 

Veer says that Rani does not trust him that’s why she have hidden the matter from him,She cries recalling his words.

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