Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th September 2021 : OH NO! Rajeshwari leaves to find out Rani

Apna time bhi aayega

Veer meets Suraj in the jewelers place, Suraj asks the jewellery to pack the necklace for him.Veer taunts Suraj and tells the jeweller that the latter can do whatever he wants to do with this necklace and moves from there. 

Veer drops the love letter, Suraj reads it and says that today he has also given someone a love letter. Veer says that the girl will never accept his proposal.

On the other hand Rani reaches the Rajawat house she asks Rajeshwari that why had she called her, Suraj comes and asks that had she read the letter, Rani asks that what is he speaking of . Suraj gives the necklace to her.

Rani denies to accept the necklace from Suraj, Rajeshwari asks her to accept it because it is a gift for her. Rani takes the necklace, and feels like they have spoiled her mood.

Rani reaches home and hides the necklace. Rajmata asks about veer and says that he has not arrived home. Veal buys icecream, he comes home and finds that Rani has slept.

The next day mausaji and Rani goes to the registers office, mosaji informs Rani that the register will be late for 30 minutes. Rani tries to stop Vijaya from entering the office.

Rani acts as if she is not feeling well, Vijaya gives her juice. On the other hand and neighbour of Rani goes to Rajeshwari and informs that she has seen Vijay and Rani together at the registers office.

Rajeshwari decides to leave for the registers office, Vikram says that it is not go to to doubt Rani. Kajri decides to inform Rani she calls her but unfortunately her mobile does not work and she is unable to pick up the call.

Rajeshwari tells veer to reach the registers office, she asks auto driver to drive fast.Mausaji gives the land papers to Vijaya. Vijaya’s lawyer comes there and reads the land papers.Rani prays to god so that everything happens according to her plan.

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