Anupama SPOILER Update: Anuj is in love with Anupama

Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Anupama gets ready to leave for Anuj’s place. Anuj makes everything ready for the Puja. He goes to clean his spectacles when it falls down but and catches it.

Anupama gives it to Anuj and when Anuj it he finds that Anupama is standing in front of him. He gets emotional he welcomes Anupama. GK gets happy seeing her.

Anuj asks that why is the rest of the family, Anupama she is that she does not like the lift that’s why she has climbed the stairs. GK things that maybe they have confuse the floor.

Hasmukh comes, GK welcomes them. Anuj asks that varies Paritosh and vanraj, Kavya says that there is too much work at the cafe that’s why they did not come.

Kavya says to Anuj that, she thought that his house will be very big because he is a very rich person. After that she apologizes for making this kind of comment.

Anuj says that she is not the first one to tell like this. Anuj starts the aarti. Anupama tells that the Ganesh murti so beautiful that she can’t remove her eyes from the Murti.

Karya says that Anuj must have made it from a very big artist. GK reveals that it is made by Anuj everyone gets surprised to know that. Kinjal says that she has never expected that Anuj is so good sculptor.

Paritosh asks vanraj that why he did not stop Kavya from going there. He says that the voice does not listen to anyone. He says that he is feeling bad but we can’t do anything because Kavya is also right at her place.

Anuj calls vanraj and asks that why they did not come to his house. He says that he is eagerly waiting for them he sends his address and asks them to come as soon as possible.

Vanraj and Paritosh leaves for his house. Paritosh says that they must not go there because vanraj is not in a good mood. He thinks that he will also see today that why his family is so mad about Anuj.

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