India’s total death toll stands at 4,00,312 behind the USA’s 6.05 lakh

Covid-19 cases last 24 hours india

In the last 24 hours, India has registered 853 deaths, and on Friday India becomes the third country in the world having more deaths due to covid-19 after the USA and Brazil.

The total death toll in India now stands 400312, behind USA-6.05 lakhs and Brazil 5.2 Lakhs.

Meanwhile, it has also come to notice that India has registered 46617 new covid cases in the last 24 hours as informed by the Union Health Ministry on Friday. But at the same time, 59384 patients were recovered.

The top five states which have registered the maximum number of cases are- Kerala has registered 12868 cases, Maharashtra which has registered 9195 cases, Tamil Nadu has registered 4481 cases, Andhra Pradesh has registered 3841 cases and Karnataka has registered 3203 cases.

72.04 % of the new cases have been reported from these five states. And within these five states, Kerala has registered the most number of cases.

But with the daily recovery is the total number of patients recover till now stands2,95,48,302.

And the recovery rate in India has risen t 96.75%.

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