Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 : Media people accuses veer of being Drunk

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with Veer .Veer enters the operation theatre. Veer feels dizzy he can’t analyse that what has happened to him. He says all his stuff to concentrate on the operation because this is a very serious operation and Critical condition. He tells Ranvijay that he would save him and nothing happened to him.

Rani, Rajmata and the Dikvijay stands outside the operation theatre and waits for the news. Suddenly the media people comes. Rajmata gets shocked she tells Dikvijay that the media people should not come to know the truth about Ranvijay and Veer. Dikvijay says that nothing like that is going to happen.

Veer starts the operation after doing the operation he comes out of the operation theatre and tells Rani that everything is ok now Ranvijay is now stable. Rani sees that he is feeling uneasy and he is not well. The media people asks Veer about Ranvijay Veer says that everything is good.

The media people starts saying that Veer seems to be drunk how can he be drunk during an operation. Dikvijay asks them to stop accusing Veer. Media people tells that Veer don’t deserves to be a doctor so officials should cancel his medical license and he deserves to be in jail.

At the very moment Rajeshwari and Jay arrives at the hospital the media people ask Rajeshwari about the condition, she says that everything is ok and there is no problem. Media people tell Rajeshwari that Veer has done the operation in the drunk condition she tells that nothing like that had happened.

Rajeswari says there she will conduct a test for Veer and inform them, Rajeshwari says there is no problem in her hospital. The media people says that it it is her hospital and her son’s hospital so she can change the report. Rajeshwari says that then the test will be done in front of the media.

A doctor does veers test,rain gets confused of what is happening. Jay praises Rajeshwari for her plan Rajeshwari tales that will has crossed all his limit and it was very important to show him his original position. Veer apologizes to everyone for his mistake he tells he must have made an mistake.

Veer says that he can’t understand that how can it happened to him, Rani gets to know that Veer has ate kheer, that Nandini had brought for him. She goes to jai’s house with Vikram, Rani accuses Jai for spiking Veer’s ‘kheer’ and asks about Nanthini. Rani asks for Nandini they say that she is sleeping.

Nanthini comes there and asks what’s happening. Vikram asks her that if she is fine and tells her about Veer’s condition. She asks him that is he suspecting her. She tells him and Rani that she is tired of their accusations and she is really fine after eating ‘kheer’.

Rani and Vikram come back to the hospital and Veer says that everything is finished he is no more a doctor. Rani says that she will prove him innocent. Veer thinks about his patients.

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