Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th July 2021 : Rani and Veer get’s emotional

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th July 2021 Written Update

Veer explains to Nandini that Jay is not a good person for her Nandini tells that she knows that he what is about her but, she is not her responsibility anymore she adds that she can take responsibility of rajeshwari’s health. Veer explains that he knows that she is very much worried about Rajeshwari is head but she is using the wrong path.

Nandini does not take me to feed and Rani and she says that she wants to marriage I should take dressing to the Mandap and the Priest starts rituals. The priest, ask Nandini’s father to do the Kanyadan Digvijay comes and does the ritual.

The priest begins the marriage rituals and asks Jai and Nanthini to stand to exchange the marriage garlands.Veer tells Rani that after doing this much also they could not stop the marriage.Jai fills Nanthini’s forehead with vermillion .

The priest tells that the marriage is done.Malini welcomes Nanthini to her family and tells her that she knows that the latter will fulfill her responsibility.

Malini tells rajeswari not to worry.Nanthini hugs rajeshwari. Vikram tells Nandini not to worry about them because they will always be with her. Vikram tells that her brother will always be on her side.

Nandini gets emotional and hugs Vikram and Veer. Rani tells Nandini to take care of herself because she knows that jai is not a good human being and he will be showing his true colors in few days.

Rajeshwari gets angry at Rani because of saying all these things about jai. Malini takes Nandini from there. Jaisingh tells Rani and Veer that he know that they hate him but now they should control their anger because now he is is a part of their family.

The next day we remember how Jai Singh gave them a warning. Rani tells him that they had tried their best. Veer learns about his coma patient’s condition and also Ward boy yesterday informed Kumud about the patient’s condition. He scolds Kumud for not informing about his patient.Veer reaches hospital and shocks seeing his patient’s condition.

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