Hotstar Anupama Episode 4th June 2022

Anupama Episode 4th June 2022

Anupama Episode 4th June 2022:Anuj meets Barkha and he gets happy. He introduces anu and Barkha.Anu bows down to take blessings from Barkha, the latter gets uncomfortable.

Barkha tells that nothing like this happens in US. Anupama tells that everyone should be connected to their culture.

On the other hand, baa scolds kinjal and warns her not to go out of the house.She tells that she wants to go and enjoy.

But baa does not allow her, she tells her that she is pregnant and she should take care of herself.Toshu, Pakhi and Samar then arrive and urge Baa to let her go.

Kinjal then tells them that Leela is absolutely right she should take care of herself. Paritosh tells that she won’t leave her all alone.

Vanraj comes there and tells them that he will be taking care of Kinjal and they should not worry he asks them to take care of Pakhi.

Anupama meets Barkha and her husband Arun:

Anuj brother comes over there and surprises them. He tells that they must celebrate and they must open the champagne.

Arun tells Anuj that he has lost his six-pack abs, he says that his wife cooks very good food.Anuj and Anu then look at the empty family photo frame and get emotional.

Anupama gets emotional and tells that she became a wife but now she has become a daughter in law. She tells about Leena to Barkha and Arun.

On the other hand Paritosh, pakhi and samar enjoy .Toshu and Samar leave Pakhi alone for a while, a boy captures Pakhi’s ance in her phone. 

The boy making her video warns another boy. Pakhi thanks the boy for helping her out.Anu and Anuj mop the floor and remove Champagne stains

Barkha says that she has cooked food for them. She asks her husband Varun to learn something from the relation of Anuj and Anupama.

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