Anupamaa 16th June 2022 Quick sneak peek

Photo Courtesy: Star Plus

Barkha and Ankush apologize to Anupama for their behaviour. She also asks Mrs Mehta to Apologise to her Hasmukh for her bad behaviour.

Barkha says that she will be paid the lunch and they will have the lunch together. Anuj tells Barkha and Ankush that Anupama is always right.

She tells that if no one supports there will be one person who will be always supporting everyone that is Anupama.

Anuj tells Barkha that if something wrong happens with her in the future and if no one is there to support her she need not to worry because Anupama will be there beside her.

Anupama goes and tells the shah to come and have the lunch. Vanraj tell that they will not have any lunch.

Leela says that they have already had many things from Barkha. She says that they will go home now.

Hasmukh bless Anupama for or her life and the family leaves from there. Barkha says that it is put that the family has left.

Anupama gets emotional and she starts crying she says that she has stayed in small house. She has also stayed in poor conditions but it has never happened that a guest has went away from her house without having something.

She tells that it is her own family and her own children who has left without having any food. Anuj tries to console her Anuj tells sorry to her. Anupama says that she should not be sorry because he has given everything to her.

Anuj says that he is thinking that he should buy a bungalow for Ankush and Barkha so that they can stay separately. Anupama says that he should not do all this because they must stay together. Anupama says that it took so many years for Anuj to have Anupama in his life.

Anupama says that they must give some time to the relationships and everything will be ok with time. On the other hand vanraj gives the gift to Kavya that he decided to give to Anuj he says that he has forgotten to give it to him.

Kavya asks whether he has forgotten to give it to him or he was feeling bad giving that kind of gift to Anuj. He says that everything was so expensive over there that he was feeling shy giving this kind of gift. Kavya says that Anuj does not judge human beings by their gifts.

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