Zee TV Meet 24th January 2022: Meet Ahlawat admits Meet in the college


Zee TV Meet 24th January 2022 Written Update: Meet and her husband feels good after the fine that it is not Manushi. They go to anubha.

Meet ask anubha about Manushi. She says that she is over there. Meet questions Manushi that’s why she didn’t inform her.

She tells that she thought she should not stay over there and should come back to their house. She apologized to anubha and tells that she has understood how is life.

She hugs her mother and tells to give her another chance. Meet also tells her mother to give her sister another chance. Everyone becomes happy.

Meet ahlawat tells sorry to Manushi for the behaviour that he did towards her the last night. On the other hand everyone tells best of luck to Masoom.

Musoom gets ready to leave for the office.Meet tells Guddu to put some Kumkum on his mother. And accidentally the Kumkum falls on the dress.

Meet says that it is her mistake because she had only told Guddu to do that. Masoom tells that what can she expect more from a delivery girl.

Rajvardhan and Babita goes to stop her but meet says that they need not to stop her. Meet later on gets to know that she has been thrown out of the job.

She thinks that it must be anubha who has done this. Rajvardhan and Babita says that they will speak to her mother and make it clear.

But anubha tells that she has not done anything like that meet gets to know that it is Manushi who has done this. She goes to ask Manushi.

She finds that Manushi she is cutting her hair, everyone, she asks Manushi that why should be like this when she loves her hair.

She says that she has got to know how is life and now she will work for the family and earn money for the family. Babita says that there is no need to do all this and asks to work with her.

She accepts the job opportunity, on the other hand, Meet ahlawat things that if meet stays at home then she will become like a typical housewife.

He gives a surprise to everyone by telling that his wife will be going to the college to complete education. Meet also gets happy after listening to this.

Masoom call meet and ask that when he will be coming to the office he says that he will be not coming to the office. He tells deep to take care of masoom.

He tells Masoom that is going with meet to the college for admission Masoom things that it is useless doing on this it is complete waste of money and time.

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