Udaariyaan Upcoming Big twist:Will Angad reveal jasmine’s plan to Tejo?

A lot of twists is waiting for the audience of the show . Jasmine makes a plan to hurt fateh she goes to Angad and tells him that he has to do work for her and she will make it sure that she will help him to reach Tejo.

Fateh asks that what we have to do she says that he has to make a fake accident, and have to hurt fateh. Later on, it will be seen that Angad meets Tejo.

He says that Jasmine and Fateh are back in the City and when they are near her they will not let her to live happily.Tejo tells that she will manage her life and there is no need for him to worry about her.

In another promo released on YouTube it is also been seen that, Jasmine find a letter and the rose in fateh’s and she asks that for home is it. She snatches it from him and reeds the letter.

Fateh ask her that what is she doing over there, he says that he has already told her not to stay near the college where the tejo works. Jasmine gets angry she asks the letter and throws it on the floor.

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