Kundali bhagya Episode 1151,10th January 2022: Proved! Preeta trapped by Prithvi’s Lawyer

Kundali bhagya 10th january 2022

Kundali bhagya 10th january 2022: Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya coming up with an interesting update. Preeta takes out the legal papers of the house and things something. Everyone waits for her in the hall. Prithvi tells that now the truth will come in front of everyone.

Preeta brings the papers and gives it to Nagre. Nagre tells that now he is the judge as well as the lawyer of the case. He takes the papers from Preeta and starts studying the papers and the dates. He says that according to the papers Preeta is the owner of the house.

Then he tells that he did to verify the other things to make it sure that the paper are original. He tells that the signatures in both the papers are different. He says that the signature in the papers of Prithvi are different . Preeta says that she is also noticed that.

Nagre tells everyone that now there is the last clue to decide whether Prithvi or or Preeta who is the owner of the house. He tells that the latest date on the papers will decide that. He matches the dates and across everyone that according to the papers preeta is the owner of the house.

He says that he she will decide what she have to do with the papers. He says that he can even throw out Prithvi out of the house and then suddenly he tears the papers. Everyone gets shocked. He says that he always research before coming to his client and know about the powers of the opponent.

He says that he knew very well that Preeta has worked very hard to get the signatures of Mahesh on the papers. He says that now she has no proof because she gave the original papers to him . Everyone gets shocked.Preeta tells that actually he has made a mistake.

She says that she knows everything about him she reveals that he went to jail when he was seven years old and till he became 35 he went to jail for seven times. She says that she knows very well that how Prithvi and he became friends in the child and how they made the plan. She will say that the papers that she gave to him was not there original.

She asks Girish to bring the original papers in Girish comes and gives her the original papers and Preeta shows that it is the original papers and the paper that he destroyed was the xerox copy. Prithvi takes the paper from preeta and tears the paper again.

Preeta tells that he does not listen to her, she says that she did not even complete her full sentence she reveals that it is also not the original purpose it is the xerox papers. She asks whether she is this much idiot that she will give the original papers to the fake people.

She says that she has made so many copies of the paper that he will never get the original paper. Nagre tells that she does not know him that’s why she has been doing on this. He says that he has noted all the dates on the legal papers and now you will be destroyed because he will make a fake paper with the latest dates and then he will file a case on her.

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