Bhagya Lakshmi EP 129 : Lakshmi finds Rishi and Malishka getting married

Lakshmi runs on the road and she gets hurt blood starts coming up from her leg but still she struggles to go to the doctor. On the other hand Malishka thinks that she can’t use Rishi because she loves him and she will marry him.

Malishka tries to wake up Rishi, Rishi gets back his senses and asks that where is he. He asks that what is he doing over there he says that he knows that the up pillar fell on him he asks that who has saved him from there.

Malishka asks whether he does not remember anything, he says that he has forgotten who has saved him. She says that she was the one who has saved him she says that she has taken the risk of her life and save him.

On the other hand Lakshmi reaches the hospital and tells the doctor to come with her so that they can do the treatment of her husband the doctor says that he will be not able to go because the weather is very bad outside..

But Lakshmi somehow makes him agree. On the other hand the Pandit comes and tells that there is some time left for the marriage. Maliska says that they cant because Rishi has got hurt.

She tells that that doesn’t matter because he loves her and he will marry her. Malishka asks the Pandit to get ready. Lakshmi reaches the house with the doctor and starts finding Rishi she does not find Rishi in the bedroom.

Suddenly she hears the chanting of the mantra, she finds that Malishka and Rishi both are getting married she gets shocked. She remembers all the moments with Rishi that she has spent before.

Rishi also finds Lakshmi standing over there Lakshmi runs away from there and Rishi stars following her. Lakshmi remembers all the incidents that happened to her earlier.

He finds Lakshmi on the road he goes in front of her Lakshmi get scared of him and runs away from there. Ayush comes there and ask him that what is going on. She says that Lakshmi has got to know the truth. Aayush asks whether Lakshmi has seen both of them getting married.

The upcoming episode of serial Bhagyalakshmi will be very interesting, stay tuned with us for the latest version updates of the serial and keep on watching Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi.

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