Meet episode 83,20th November 2021 :Meet helps meet ahlawat

Meet 22 november 2021

Meet ahlawat and meet gives cloth and gifts to poor people .The people gets happy.Meet ahlawat asks them to give his blessings.

On the other hand manushi arrives on the road she thinks that if she donot go then she will have problem because then her mother will scold her.

She catches the auto.Meet ahlawat thinks how badly he has spoken to meet and her family.He apologize to meet .Meet thinks that the mistake is not his.

Meet tells meet ahlawat should spend some time there and she goes to bring manushi.She goes and tells manushi to come out of the auto.

But she finds that it is not manushi but her mother. She gets shocked to see her there.Her mother reveals that she has promised to Babita that she will keep no relation with manushi anymore.

Anubha leaves. Meet’s sister thinks that what was anubha doing there.Later manushi asks anubha that why meet called her.

Anubha tells manushi to get ready as she must go to Delhi. Manushi asks that why will she go because she is the elder daughter.

Anubha asks her what has she ever done for her she tells that meet has always done things for the family. Meet help meet ahlawat to get into the car.

She says meet to get ready because he will be telling thank you to her. Meet things that she can do all this and make happy from outside but how can she make him happy from inside

The next morning meet wakes up meet ahlawat and gives him the medicine. Meet help meet ahlawat to get ready Babita comes and asks that how is her son.

She tells that last night it was with that meet has sleep people.But meet ahlawat says that it has taken care of him the whole night.

Babita tells meet that she must have forgotten the morning medicine with the doctor has given.Meet ahlawat tells that meet has given him the medicine.

Babita goes Rajvardhan tells her that she is looking happy. Babita tells that meet ahlawat told that meet to care of him the whole night.

Rajvardhan says that she has given six months time to meet but she will do it very early and become the perfect daughter in law of the house.

On the other hand define that meet ahlawat it is coming to Babita asks that why has he came there.Meet ahlawat tells that he got bored staying alone that’s why he came to have the breakfast together with the family.

Meet suddenly finds that the picture of last night has been printed on the newspaper and the newspaper is on the table she get scared that what will happen if everyone finds their picture on the newspaper.

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