Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 6th August 2021: Shakti kidnap’s Kriti from the house

Mann ki awaaz pratigya

Krishna asks that what is going n he says that he should teach a lesson to shakti, shakti gets furious,pratigya says that Meera should teach him the lesson. Pratigya gives a stick to Meera and asks her to beat shakti and then Meera beats him.

Shakti says that she should not beat him Sumitra takes shakti’s side after Meera Krishna beats shakti. Sumitra stops Krishna and says that it is not shakti’s mistake it’s Meera’s mistake why did she go into the house.

Pratigya asks Sumitra even being a woman why she is not understanding another women’s struggles and pain also she should be ashamed of the way she is thinking. Sumitra says that even the kids don’t want Meera in the house.

Kriti says that’s not true also it’s Shakti who is wrong not Meera so they have to throw Shakti out of the house.Krishna says that now the kids are also saying to throw shakti out of the house.

Krishna and pratigya throw shakti out of the house, shakti say that they are doing a great mistake. Sumitra goes to Sajjan and says that Krishna has thrown shakti out of the house. Sajjan asks what about Kesar. Sumitra tells that Kesar motivated Krishna to throw Shakti out of the house.

They turn behind and finds Kesar in a white saree. Shakti asks his men to kidnap kriti.Pratigya and Krishna feel proud of the kids as they have taken the right decision. Meera comes and blesses the kids and thanks to them for forgiving her.

Meera says that she wants to stand on her own feet and do something in life she asks them to find a job for her. The next day Kriti gets kidnapped. Krishna Kesar and Meera also search for Kriti then they all get worried when they couldn’t find her. Pratigya sees Kriti’s locket out of the house.

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