Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 4 August 2021- Pratigya calls the police to arrest Shakti

Mann ki awaaz pratigya 2

Sajjan Singh and Shakti speaks with each other about the deal with Mr Kumar but Mr Kumar calls and says that they can expect Nothing from him, reminds Shakti that how meera and away from his office the other day, Shakti says that he will get a new one for him and he need not to worry about all that but he says that he is not going into dell with them.

Pratigya and Krishna speaks with each other, their children come and ask them what is special about the next day they act like they have not remember their birthday.

But later on their will that they will be doing party and celebrating birthday.

Kesar goes to Shakti and asks that what has he done to Meera and why did she came let the other day Shakti says that doesn’t she remember about the last days punishment that he gave her. He threatens her.

Pratigya goes to meera and asks that what has happened to her she consoles are and says that everything will be OK.

Meera says that nothing is ok after the incident that has happened the last date to her. Meera explains what has happened to her she explains what has happened to her the other day Pratigya gets angry on Shakti and straight away slap him.

Krishna asks that why did she slap him and what has he done she explains what has he done to meera Krishna gets angry and starts beating him, Sajjan Singh comes and ask that why is Krishna beating Shakti. She says that it’s good that at least she of some use. Krishna gets more angry listening to this.

Pratigya goes and says that she has call to police. Minimal the police comes to arrest Shakti changes the topic and says that it is Krishna’s fault because he is keeping an other women in the house it when he has his own wife. The police asks that why has he kept the other woman.

Pratigya asks not to change the topic meera ask the police to leave Shakti. Pratigya asks that why has she told to leave Shakti she says that she does not want any more problem between them because of her. Pratigya says not to worry about anything.

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