Kundali Bhagya Big Twist: Prithvi Is back! Sonakshi saves preeta

Kundali Bhagya

In the latest episodes, it is being shown that Sherlyn has once again planned to harm preeta this time she has planned that she will harm preeta in such a way that preeta has to go to the doctor, and then it will be proved that she is not pregnant.

Sherlyn puts the gas on and waits for preeta to arrive preeta enters the kitchen and suddenly Sonakshi arrives Sherlyn lies to her that there is no one in the kitchen and she leaves from there.

There Srishti goes to Sameer and says that she had listened to the conversation between Rajat’s mom and uncle they were speaking about something that they should hide until the marriage.

They both get suspicious Kareena tells Srishti that she is not right as she came to the wedding without the invitation. She asks her that there must not be any problem due to her in the wedding and says that she should not create problems at the wedding.

Later on, Sonakshi learns that preeta is in the kitchen . Preeta lights the gas stove. As the flames reach Preeta, Sonakshi acts smartly and switches the stove off. Sonakshi says that someone is trying to harm her.

As Rajat walks by, he sees that someone abducts Sherlyn and vanishes he goes and informs Karan. Karan rushes to find Sherlyn later on it is seen that Prithvi is back and he wants to tell Sherlyn that she must not plan anything against preeta.

Karan thinks that maybe Mahira is again back in their lives. On the other hand, Sonakshi applies ointment to preeta’s wound and thinks that who is trying to harm her. Preeta thinks about the incident.

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