Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd August 2021 : Virat doesn’t want Sai to leave him

ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein

Ashwini gives tea to Bhavani and says pakhi that she went to her room but it was locked she say that is because she was updating her cv as she is going to stay there. Shivani comes and taunts pakhi for what she has done to pakhi. Pakhi says that she has already accepted her mistake.

Mansi returns from the temple Pakhi thinks that she had gone to the temple as sai is being discharged.Mansi tells pakhi that it’s her wedding anniversary. Pakhi thinks that it was the day she destroyed his life. Karishma asks pakhi that she has forgotten her wedding anniversary.

Mansi says but she didn’t forget anything. Pakhi says and within two days he left after marriage. Ashwini consoles Mansi saying Samrat will be back.

Pakhi asks not to give false hope,Mansi says that a mother never loses hope she gets emotional.Shivani tells that when she got the opportunity she did not try to find Samrat,when she learned Sai is going with him you tore your ticket.

Pakhi says that she does not want to waste her time finding Samrat. Ashwini says to Pakhi that she should not be the reason for Virat and sai misunderstanding. Pakhi starts acting and says that she is not the one who has pushed parking in front of the car.

Virat and Pakhi arrive there. Ashwini says to Kareena to bring the aarti thali. The Bhawani does the Aarti, Virat thinks that soon everyone will get to know that sai will not stay there. Bhawani says to Virat that he stood by Sai in the difficult times that why she is doing his Aarti.

Bhawani says that is something happened to sai then this society would have kill them.Mansi tells about Pakhi and Samrat’s anniversary so Sai says she never met Samrat, she only heard about him from Virat.

Sai says that she is hungry Ashwini says that she will be cooking for her. Virat asks Pakhi that she will not back her luggage, she says that she does not have hurry but it seems that Virat is very excited. Virat said that she has only said that she will just go to get her belongings.

No one wants sai to leave the house because they believe that everything will get Ok Soon. Pakhi feels finally Sai is leaving so Chavans won’t blame her for her accident anymore. Ashwini asks Sai what happened between her and Virat.Sai says she will tell everything but before that she wants to talk to Virat.

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