Apna time bhi aayega sneak peek: Ranvijay wants to STOP Rani

Apna time bhi aayega

Rajeshwari is upset and cries, Dikvijay tries to console her he says that his son can be upset with his mother but he can’t stay away from her he says that after all Rajeshwari is his mother and he will surely return to her one day.

Rajeshwari says that there is no respect and trust love between their relationship because she has done a mistake. On the other hand Ranvijay thinks that it is due to Rajeswari he was away from his son for your years now he will be taking the revenge.

Rannvijay decides that he will take veer away from Rajeshwari and he will take Veer so far away, that there will be no option for Rajeshwari other than to leave him alone.

Vikram says to Rajmata that someone has done it. Rani doubts that Rajeshwari is not the one who has done it she find some clue so that she can get to the point. She finds a napkin she keeps it with her to match the fingerprint.

Rani call everyone and says that when she used to print her and on paper and enjoy she says that they should also do this, everyone does this. Rani things that now its turn for Ranvijay.

Jai call Champa but she does not pick up his cal Nandini says to give his phone because he has click such that pictures in the occasion of veer birthday. Jai calls Nandini pick up the call and speak to her and asked her why she calling him. She says that because he has left his licence over there.

Veer checks Ranvijay and says that everything is ok and everything is fine. They both speak to each other and they get emotional and hugs each other. Rani comes there and says that she is making a gift for veer and wants his hand print. Rannvijay is happy and gives his hand print.

Ranvijay remembers that he has left his napkin in the kitchen. He remembers that Rani has also taken his hand prints he thinks that he must stop her otherwise veer will go away from him forever.

On the other hand veer ask Sunny that why is she going she says that she has to go to the college.

Veer says that he is also living for the hospital and he will drop her on the way. Veer drops Rani at the college letter and he gets to know that Rani has forgotten her geometry kit in the car.

On the other hand Rani reaches the college lab and finds that no one is there in lab she gets confused.

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