Apna Time Bhi Aayega Sneak Peek: Rani catches Ranvijay RED Handed

Apna time bhi aayega

In the latest episode, it is shown that rani goes to her room and finds ranvijay checking her drawers. Rani gets suspicious about what is he doing there. Rani asks him that is he looking for something.

Ranvijay acts like he is about to faint, he says that he is not feeling well and need his tablets, rani goes to bring the medicines for him later on rani helps him to go t his room when he says that he is all ok.

Rani finds that rani sa is very upset and thinks that she has to do something she brings all the toys that veer used to play within his childhood and keeps them in front of him.

Veer gets emotional seeing them and asks rani that did she find them, rani says that rani sa has kept these things intact which shows that she loves him very much. Veer gets emotional.

He then says that she never accepted him as his son because he was an orphan.Rani says that he does not know the real reason behind her sadness and hate for him.

Later on, rani sa faints, during the puja, Veer gives Rajeshwari medicine and water. Ranvijay gets jealous seeing this  Ranvijay says to Veer I always thought how would my son be. But after meeting you, I can say you are great.

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