Apna time bhi aayega episode 3rd August : Rani say’s to veer that Ranvijay is behind all this

Apna time bhi aayega

The episode starts with veer goes to the college to return Rani her kit, there he finds Rajeshwari, she asks her there what else she needs and does she wants Rani to get rusticated from that college. Rajeshwari tries to make him understand but he is not ready to understand.

The principal comes and says to Rajeshwari that he is very thankful for the donation that she has made for the college she asks Rajeshwari to come with him.

Rajeshwari goes with him and veer looks for Rani but he cannot find Rani he gets tensed because Rani has said that she is going to college but she is not there.

Rani is upstairs and suddenly incident someone comes to the room puts chloroform on a napkin and puts the napkin on runners face unfortunately she faints.

The person is Ranvijay, he says that when Veer’s mother is not interfering between him and Veer so who is she. He puts Rani into a dark room and lights the room on fire.

Veer after not finding rani in the college goes upstairs, they are Ranvijay puts his hand on her mouth to keep her silent, Rani tries to defend herself. veer gets more worried and is unable to understand that what is happening . He screams rani’s name and tries to find her.

Rani somehow makes some noise so that veer can hear. Veer hears the noise and tries to open the room. Veer somehow opens the door and sees that no one is there, Ranvijay is afraid that if veer gets to know the truth then he will not leave him alive.

Ranvijay escapes, he jumps out of the room through the window and gets injured in feet. Veer call Rani, his phone rings he gets to know where is she he finds her in the cupboard he finds that it Rani senseless he gets afraid he tries to wake up early.

They are at home at Champa calls Jai and says all the incidents, Jai questions her that she is telling all this now.

Champa replies that if every time his wife is keeping an eye on him then how can she inform him. Jai gets afraid that how will he asks for money from Nandini.

Veer brings Rani home, Rani gets back her senses. He asks that who has done like this to her rani knows all the truth and tells everything to veer.

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