Anupamaa Upcoming Twist Written Update : Vanraj is in a new problem


Star Plus serial Anupama is coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episode. In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Anupama and Pakhi argue with each other. Anupama gets angry at her and slaps her she gets angry on Anupama.

Even after getting a scolding by her mother pakhi is not ready to understand her mistake. She goes to Kavya and asks her to help her. Kavya gets angry and Furious at her, Kavya lashes out at Pakhi and calls her a shameless creature.

Anupama gets to know about all she asks Nandini to help her out. Pakhi thinks that nobody will be helping her and she thinks that she must practice for her dance competition on her own.

When Nandini goes to hell Pakhi, she also speaks rudely with her. Kinjal sees is this she gets angry at Pakhi. In the latest episodes, it was shown that Anupama and vanraj get to know that they have to pay 20 lakhs tax.

Kavya, later on, gets to know that they have to pay a huge amount she insults husmukh for all this saying that it is his mistake because he had not taken the responsibility.

Rakhi enters the house and gives money to them, she now has planned to take kinjal away from that house as she wants kinjal and Paritosh to stay away from the shah house.

rakhi gives the money and says that they don’t have any other way out other than to take the money from her.Vanraj denies taking the money from her . Kavya asks vanraj that from where will they get the money.

Vanraj says that Anupama and he have decided to take a loan. Rakhi says that no one will give them a loan. She insults by saying that they will be on-road begging in few days.

The upcoming episodes will be quite interesting. It would be interesting to see that what will happen next ? will vanraj take the money from rakhi ?

Anupamaa features Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Paras Kalnawat, Aashish Mehrotra, Muskan Bamne, Shekhar Shukla, Nidhi Shah, Anagha Bhosale, and Tassnim Sheikh.

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