Anupama Episode 5th August 2021: Bapuji Throws Anupama out of the house


In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, it will be shown that Bapuji throws kavya and pakhi out of the house for misbehaving with Anupama. Bapuji says that no one will go to the function.

Later in the function pakhi faces difficulty. Anupama goes and helps her out in the dance performance. Anupama once again comes for Pakhi’s rescue and saves her from public embarrassment.

If the reports are to be believed then there will be a new entry in the show and the person will be the chief guest who will attain the dance performance.It would be quite interesting to find that who is the person.

Hasmukh Shah took a harsh decision against Pakhi and Kavya. He decides to throw the two of them out of the house as they have behaved very harshly with Anupama.[Starplus Anupama Upcoming 4th august 2021: Anupamaa Shuts Down Dance Academy 👉👉👉]

He announced that no one from the family will go to watch Pakhi’s performance and only Pakhi, Kavya and Anupama will be going .

Anupama is upset with bapuji’s decision but kavya thinks that it is a chance for her to win pakhi.In the latest episode, it was shown that anu had to arrange 10 lakh rupees which she failed to do and as a result, she had to close her dance academy.

In the earlier episodes, it was shown that anu and vanraj had to pay 20 lakhs tax in a short period of time.Anupama and vanraj fails to arrange the money and hence now they have to close their cafe and academy.

Rakhi came to offer them money but vanraj said that he cant take money from a person who always insults them,rakhi said that they have no other way and have to come to her for the money.

Later on anu and pakhi argues,pakhi is behaving very badly with anu.Pakhi asks kavya to help her in dance but she also donot have time pakhi thinks that no one has time for her.

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