Anupama 6th August 2021 : Pakhi struggles to do her makeup


Star Plus serial Anupama is coming up with new twist in its upcoming episode. There is no doubt that the audience is liking the episodes of Anupama very much. The makers are coming up with new twist and turns in each and every episode which is making their episodes more interesting for the viewers.

In the upcoming episodes Anupama it will be shown that to Hasmukh takes a decision and he says that no one will be going to, attain pakhi’s dance competition she says that, Kavya accuses Anupama for all this mess she says that pakhi has not told Anupama sorry and that’s the reason she is doing all this.He adds Vanraj too can go for Kavya and Pakhi but no one other than them will attend the function.

Samar and Nandini says to her Hasmukh that they can take Anupama or not for the dance competition he says that only Anupama can accompany them and nobody shall go there. She gets firm on his decision. Pakhi calls hubby and says that she needs to to make her hair before she goes to the stage, Kavya says that she should manage her self until and unless she reaches there.

Samar and Nandini takes Anupama with them. Kavya says that Hasmukh has done all this because he has not apologized to Anupama, she says that the decision of her is useless. There Anupama what is about Pakhi Nandini says that everything will be ok and there will be no problem.

Varanj tries to convince her Hasmukh so that he can go to attend Pakhi’s dance competition, but he do not change his decision. Pakhi gets happy seeing samar over there she asks that if everyone has came to attend her dance competition.

Pakhi tells Kavya to get her ready for dance competition , Kavya tell her to start getting ready and she will be joining her later on, on the other hand sammar and Nandini helps the other students to get ready for the dance competition.

Pakhi says to Kavya to fix her dress as it is comfortable. Kavya asks Pakhi to adjust as last moment no changes can be done. Anupama goes see that everything is ok with Pakhi. She finds that but she is struggling with her makeup. And on the other hand Kavya is doing her own makeup.

Anupama says Nandini to help out but they refused to help our. She sends one other teacher to help pakhi, when Kavya finds that someone else is helping Pak he then she gets angry on her and says her to apologize.Anupama over hears Kavya and Pakhi’s talk.

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