Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Anupama cries seeing Pakhi,samar and nandini


Today’s episode starts with anupama and rakhi anu say to rakhi that she will argue with her until she leaves.Anu says that she will always fight for the pride of the shah house, rakhi answers that the attitude they are showing to her will not work.

Rakhi says that they will need her for the money as they have no other way out.Vanraj supports Anupama and says that rakhi must leave the house. Once again rakhi was going to insult the whole family.

Husmukh says anu that it is his mistake that he has not been able to pay the tax. He says that he is the only responsible person for this and it’s his responsibility.Anu and vanraj ask him to calm down and then motivates him.

Jignesh says that they have just started working but are not lucky enough to earn and eat.Anu tells Jignesh not to worry about the tax matter as they will figure out something or the other.

Anu and vanraj decide that they will fight till the end and win the situation. They decide to pay the tax. Paritosh leaves the house kinjal asks him about his behaviour he says that he is suffocated in the house and is shamed of the shahs. He says that he needs some fresh air.

Anu overhears all these conversations between kinjal and Paritosh. Kavya asks vanraj for an outing as she is suffocated in the house. Vanraj gets ready to go out with kavya.Pakhi comes to kavya and asks her to help her with her dance as she dont want to lose the dance competition.

Kavya tells her that she is going for an outing and leaves pakhi gets upset,anu sees all this pakhi says that she does not need help from Anupama either.

Later on, anu goes to Samar and Nandini. They sit there and are worrying about the tax.Anu says them not to worry about the tax. She asks Nandini to go and help pakhi in her dance. Samar is shocked that anu is still thinking about pakhi. Anu says that she is her mom.

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Nandini is scared about how pakhi will react.Anupama asks Samar to talk with Paritosh as he is getting adamant to move out of the house. Samar refuses. Anupama makes Samar understand.

Kavya speaks to her friends and asks about the loan they say kavya to look for a job. Nandini tries to help out pakhi but she behaves rudely. Kinjal and Samar support Nandini but Paritosh supports pakhi. Anupama cries seeing them arguing.

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