Zee tv Kundali Bhagya July 15, 2021 :Srishti will try to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya July 15 2021 Written Update

Dadi kritika why she is looking sad.Kritika says that she is waiting for mahesh and rakhi.They arrive home preeta says her to close the eye’s to perform the ceremony.Mahesh performs the rituals to which kritika says that now she is feeling like its a marriage ceremony.

Prithvi is happy, he see’s in the mirror and tells himself that how cleverly he has exposed mahira and she had to leave the house.Pritvi receives a threating message from a unknown number and thinks that that is mahira he tells her that she will never be able to expose him.

Later on, he comes to know that the message was from shristi and not Mahira.Shristi after finding the reply decides that she cant let the marriage to happen she decides to expose sherlyn and prritvi.Sherlyn hears all this and thinks that shristi must be up to something.

Sherlyn douts that may be shristi is trying to expose pritvi .Later on she listens to shriti and preeta’s conversations and understands that there is noting suspicious and they are not planning anything.

Sristhi finds rishabh and tells him the truth when karina comes and says not to say anything like that to him .Sherlyn tells pritvi that she thinks that shristi is up to something and she will try to expose him .Pritivi tells that they can do nothing to him .

Sanjana and Prithvi’s mother get into an argument, Sherlyn intervenes but recipes a taunt from Prithvi’s mother.Later on sherlyn tlls pritvi to tell his mother to apologise and accept her as the daughter in law,prithvi asks his mom to say sorry to sherlyn but she denies.

Latest Kundali Bhagya news

as per the news by India forums there is going to be a major twist in the upcoming story as prithvi,sherlyn and mahira wll be leaving the show.After that karan and preeta will become parents .Read the full news here 👉👉👉.

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