Starplus Anupamaa July 15, 2021 : Kavya challenges anupama for dance competition

Anupamaa July 15 2021 Written Update:

Kavya tries to provoke pakhi against anupama.Pakhi tries to call anu but is unable to reach her.There anu also trie sto call pakhi.Kinjal and toshu arrives at the dance academy when anu asks that did they like the house.Kinjal says that they liked the house but they will not move there soon.

There pakhi learns dance from kavya.anu tells everyone that they should go home as pakhi is waiting for her.Kavya says to pakhi that her priority in anupamas list is at the bottom.kavya tells that anu does not have time for pakhi .Anu and family returns home,

Samar yells at Kavya for manipulating Pakhi .Pakhi says that anu do not have time for her.Babuji tries to explain her and tells that its not as she is thinking.Kinjal tells pakhi it is the same mistake she had made earlier that pakhi is doing.Vanraj yells at pakhi to behave .

kavya tells vanraj to stay out of all this.Vanraj tells tokavya to stay out of father and daughter matter.Kavya gets angry.anu goes to the kitchen.Kavya also follows her tells that she is not a good mother .kavya tells anu to learn motherhood from her.Anu tells that it is a life long process.

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kavya tells that she has to go to select dress for pakhi’s dance performance anu tells her to stay out of all this pakhi comes and takes kavya to help her out by choosing the dress for her.

The next day as kavya and pakhi dance kavya asks pakhi that is she a better dancer than anupama.Samar steps in the conversation and tells her that Anu is the best dancer to which Anu intevenes between them to stop their argument. After which, Kavya challenges Anu for a face-off to which she denies at first but agrees later. 

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