Zee tv Kundali bhagya episode : Rakhi suspects that preeta is pregnant

Kundali bhagya episode 19th july written update

Karan and Preeta’s story takes a leap of three months. Sherlyn is good and does not interfere into Preeta life anymore. The whole family is happy and everything is normal. Preeta wakes up Karan. Rakhi sits Kritika comes and says that Rakhi is sitting in the the baby’s room for the past 3 months. Krithika explains that the things that has happened cannot be changed.

Kritika tells rakhi that they will be giving a good news on hearing this Rakhi gets happy. Sherlyn and Preeta both are, very good daughter in laws now. Sherlyn to be very good daughter in law, but Preeta is genuinely good. Sherlyn has taken Kareena suicide.

Karan and Preeta share a good moment. He saves her from falling down. He tells her that he doesn’t like her to become a doctor, he can’t take care of her like a doctor. Karan tells Preeta not to call here and there every time. Both of them are ready to give a good news to the family. Kareena says to Sherlyn, not to get upset and work hard and become a good wife.

The whole family wish Bani on her birthday.Rakhi tells Bani that Preeta has made the day special for her by planning the celebrations traditionally. Bani thanks Preeta because she has planned all this for her. She starts feeling nostalgic. Preeta tells that she has also invited all her friends. Everyone gets very much happy.[Ola E-scooters registers 1 lakh bookings in record 1 day Only For-Rs.499/- 👉👉👉]

Kritika says Sherlyn not to get upset and be happy as Preeta. Bani cut the cake and also tells Pritha to cut the cake. Sherlyn things that once again her place is going, she feels jealous. With get signs of good news. Suddenly Preeta gets unconscious and falls down.[Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya Wedding Pictures 👉👉👉]

Everyone gets shocked. As soon as Preeta gets back her conscious she tells that it was due to weakness. Everyone agrees to that but suddenly she feels nausea and goes to the washroom. Rakhi things that the good news will be coming soon details the good news To Bani.

Kareena also gets happy listening to all this but Sherlyn gets jealous. Karan calls doctor in tension and when he says everyone laughing he asks that why are they laughing, Rakhi says him that he is going to be a father soon. Karan becomes excited and happy.[Kundali bhagya Dhamaka Episode 17th July,2021 : Kareena tells Sherlyn to throw Mahira out 👉👉👉]

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