Kundali Bhagya episode 9th July 2021 Spoiler : Preeta prays to god for Sherlyn

Kundal bhagya episode 9th july 2021

In the upcoming episode of kundali Bhagya it will be shown that doctor tells that Sherlyn is not well at all and she tells the family that she is trying her best to save sherlyn’s life.

Everybody gets shocked Rishab gets upset. The whole family sits in front of the mandir and prays to god so that Sherlyn gets well soon.

What has happened to Sherlyn ?

Sherlyn has made a plan to kill Preeta and he has contacted a man so that he can kill Preeta. Everything was going according to her plan she has planned that she will be pushing Peter and the man will come with his truck and preeta will get killed.

Sherlyn was following Peter as well as Mahira was following Preetha. Because Mahira was also with Sherlyn, but suddenly sherlyn started feeling dizzy and Mahira thought that she must push Preeta and by mistake, she pushed Sherlyn instead of Preeta and this is how Sherlyn met an accident.

Preeta informed karan immediately about thee accident and then they took sherlyn to the hospital.Prithvi saw all this things.[kundali bhagya episode 9th july 2021 : sherlyn looses her baby 👉👉👉]

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