Kundali Bhagya Episode 30th July – Sherlyn tells kareena that Preeta is not Pregnant

Kundali bhagya

The episode starts with Preeth.Preeta thinks that she should not tell the truth to everyone and destroy everyone happiness she thinks about Mahesh what will happen to him. She thinks that if Mahesh gets to know the truth and falls in depression again. She decides that she will not tell the truth to anyone.

There are Kareena meets Sherlyn, she asks her to take care of Preeta because she does not want everyone to worry about Preeta, and she is pregnant listening to do she gets angry and Kareena says her to remember that this doesn’t mean that she is insecure.

After all this Sherlyn gets angry on Kareena. Kareena asks her why she behaving like this she reminds her that how everyone used to take care of her when she was pregnant. She tells her that they are not child that she will get jealous if their child gets more attention.

Now Sherlyn, gets Furious she says to Kareena that they don’t know the truth, she explains that Preeta is not pregnant. Hearing this Kareena gets shocked. She asks her that what is she saying.

Kareena asks her that why she telling like that and how did she know that Preeta is not pregnant Sherlyn says that, after Preeta has came from the hospital she is very upset and this confirms that she is not pregnant. She asks her to confirm the news from Preeta itself.

Preeta stays worried. Sonakshi hugs her and thanks her for coming. She gives her a wedding gift. She asks Preeta to open the gift once. Preeta gets emotional.

She tells Karan that they both have become sisters now, she tells Karan to get ready for the haldi ceremony.

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Karan showers his love and care on Preeta. Sonakshi finds him really romantic and compliments him. Karan tells her that Preeta has made him romantic, Preeta has changed him into a different person. Everyone celebrates happiness unknown of the truth. 

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