Kundali Bhagya episode 28th July 2021 :Doctor Confirms that Preeta is NOT Pregnant

Kundali Bhagya episode 28th July 2021 Written Update

Sherlyn calls prithvi and says that their relationship is done. And from now Sherlyn is Rishabh’s wife and Prithvi is kritika’s husband. And they don’t have any relationship between them. The only relation they had was because of the child who is no more.

Prithvi gets upset listening to all this and thinks that once Sherlyn’s calms she will come back to him. He thinks of her, and also things of returning to home.

Preeta and Sameer overhear all this conversation of Prithvi and Sherlyn. And thinks that she is really changing day by day.

Preeta decides that she will tell the truth to the whole family that she can never become a mother because she cannot conceive.

She gets very emotional and starts crying. Karan asks that why is she crying she hugs him. The family sees them and gets emotional too. But until now the family does not know the truth that Peter is not pregnant.

Karan tells Rakhi that Preeta is very upset and she is crying, Rakhi tells him that how pregnant women get mood swings.

Karan says that Preeta did not wait for him to go to the hospital and went alone. Karan says that he will always be with Preeta and never let her go.

In the earlier episodes it was seen that, Preeta goes to the hospital. The doctor gives her tests Preeta asks that why she has given so many tests.

The doctor tells that she knows that she is also very good doctor but it’s very necessary to do all these tests.

They are at home the bus arrives dadi is very happy and she goes towards the bus, she tells that she is nostalgic because she remembers about her childhood.

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Everyone is very happy. Later on dadi says to Sherlyn that everything will be ok , and she will also become a mother.

Mahesh asks where is Rakhi, Kritika tells that she is in the child’s room. He goes there and she is that a rakhi is decorating the room and singing song.

He video calls Preeta and Karan and thanks them for giving such a good news they are very happy and they are going to be grandfather and grandmother son.

The doctor asks Preeta that who has told her that she is pregnant, she tells that how she has done taste at home and how the daima told her that she is pregnant with twins. The doctor tells that everything is wrong because I m not pregnant.

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