Kundali bhagya episode 27th july promo written update

kundali bhagya 27th july 2021 written update

Kundli Bhagya is one of the most-watched Hindi serials on the television. Kundali Bhagya has recently completed its four years of journey. The makers and the actors both are very happy with this. And this is why the makers have planned, to bring a new twist to the story.

In the upcoming track in Kundali Bhagya episode 27th july 2021 it would be so that Janki gets to know about the plan of Sherlyn, sarla and rakhi comes there.They asks that what is happening there.

Preeta stays quite,janki says that this time it is not anyone else but a very bad thing was going to happen with Preeta. Everyone gets shocked listening to all this.

Janki says that, Sherlyn had tried to do a very bad thing that too with preeta.Rakhi and sarla gets shockes hearing this.

Later on everyone gets ready to leave for sonakshi’s wedding as she had invited lutra family to lonaval for her wedding.

later on in the bus dadi says to sherlyn that she should not worry she will also become mother soon.

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The bad time will go and after that there will be happiness in her life too.Sherlyn listens to dadi.

In the latest episode of kundali Bhagya it was shown, that Sherlyn has planned a very dangerous plan to kill Preeta’s Unborn childs.

She has told Prithvi that she will take the revenge from Preeta because it was because of Preeta she lost her home child.

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Prithvi tries to make her understand that it’s not a right thing, but she denies to agree with him. She throws a marble on the floor so that Preeta falls down.

But her plan fails. Later Kritika gets to know all this. Prithvi has told Kritika beforehand that Sherlyn is depressed and she can cause harm to Preetha.

After her plan fails, Sherlyn gets to know that it was Prithvi who has told it to Kritika.

She gets angry she calls him, she says that from that there is no relation between both of them now Sherlyn is Rishabh wife and Prithvi is kritika’s husband.

Prithvi tries to console her but, he fails. Later on preeta gets to know it from Srishti, that Sherlyn had planned all this she gets angry goes to her, and says that if she tries to do anything like that to her, then she will be saying it in front of the family that .

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The family is very happy and celebrates, the good news given by Preeta, Karan college friend Sonakshi comes to their house and invites the whole family on her wedding.

Preeta says to her that she knows that Karan had many girlfriends, but he is a good husband now.The family is really happy and ready to attend sonakshi’s wedding.

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kundali bhagya 27th july 2021 written updatekundali bhagya 27th july 2021 written update

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