Kundali bhagya episode 15th July 2021 Spoiler Alert: Prithvi and Kritika’s Wedding

Kundali bhagya episode 15th July 2021

Kundali bhagya promo 15th july 2021 has been released on youtube.Preeta looks after the arrangements for the wedding.

Pritvi and kritika is going to marry ,and everyone is happy.Preeta walks when suddenly she loses her balance and karan catches her and helps her.

A very romantic moment is created , between them.There pritvi looks in the mirror and speaks to himself.

Pritvi tells seeing the mirror that he is going to be the son in law of the luthra house by marrying kritika.

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There shristi tells that it is not a good day for Prithvi as he will be exposed infornt of everyone.

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