Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2021: Will Preeta say the truth to Karan

Kundali Bhagya Episode 29th July 2021

The episode starts with Srishti find her mobile charger, she find the charger and finds a picture of her with preeta and gets emotional she sees the pictures and says that it is very weird after preeta has gone to the lutra house ass she is alone now.

She thinks about preeta and thinks that preeta will become a mother soon and what will happen if preeta forgets her. She calls Sameer and asks him that do he remember what she had said to her. Sameer says yes, Srishti tells Sameer to take care of preeta and to keep an eye on Sherlyn.

Sameer tells that he will keep an eye on Sherlyn and keep preeta safe. There on the bus, Dadi tells that she is very happy as she is attaining the wedding she asks everyone to stay happy and don’t spread negativity, no laziness, and no complaints and she just wants everyone to smile and enjoy the marriage wholeheartedly.

Rakhi tells that they are already happy as preeta has given a reason to them to smile. Girish gives ‘prasad’ to Preeta saying that it will protect her and her children.

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Preeta decides to tell the truth to the family and stands up, she is about to fall when Karan saves her. Girish scolds the driver,preeta says that it was her mistake.

Mahesh says that preeta can tell anyone want she wants. Kareena says that Mahesh is overprotective about preeta and also he had come out of depression a few days back only. Preeta changes her mind not to tell the truth as if she says maybe Mahesh will again go into depression.

Preeta says that she wants water.Mahesh says that they must enjoy and tells the driver to play songs everyone sings and dance. But preeta and Sherlyn sit. Sherlyn notices Preeta’s expression and thinks that something is fishy definitely.

There Sonakshi say to her father that Karan is going to come with her family, her father asks that who else is on the guest list,sona says that as her wedding was decided so fast that she could not invite all her friend except few of them.

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Lutra’s reach at Lonavala. Sonakshi welcomes them. Sonakshi’s father asks Luthra’s to take a rest. Preeta thinks that everyone is happy and she didn’t get a chance, to tell the truth to Karan.

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