Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2021 :Is preeta’s pregnancy Fake ?

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2021

Kundali Bhagya episode 20 july 2021- Sarla says to rakhi that she knows that karan can never hurt preeta,sarla gets emotional and cries she says that if karan didi something to preeta then she will never forgive him as preeta is her daughter.

Rakhi starts laughing and says that she was only joking ,she tells that preeta is gaining weight and reason is that preeta is pregnant .Listening to this sarala and shriti both are very happy rakhi gives sweets to them.Sarla asks that why has preeta not informed her anything.

Rakhi says that she has told preeta not to tell the news to Sarla because she wanted to give the news by herself. Rakhi says that Preeta has ended all the sorrow in the house.Sarla, Janki and Shrishti celebrate on their side, after Rakhi leaves. Bani pampers Preeta, which angers Shrishti.

Preeta is tensed that the news isn’t confirmed. Preeta says to Karan that the news is not confirmed and she wants to test before telling everyone. Karan says that he is sure that Preeta is pregnant. There Sherlyn calls Prithvi and tells that, someone is pregnant Prithvi gets angry he says Kritika can’t get pregnant because he went to Dubai after the marriage.

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Prithvi says that he will kill kritika if she is pregnant he gets angry Sherlyn tells the truth that preetai is pregnant listening to this Prithvi get shocked. Prithvi gets angry that he can’t stay with his wife. Later on Kritika calls Prithvi and tells the same news Prithvi tells him knows the news.

Kritika asks that how did he knew the news Prithvi tells that it’s a common thing when couples live together then its common thing to have baby. Prithvi gets angry because he is unable to stay with his wife.Sherlyn gets angry seeing Kritika talking to Prithvi.

At the very moment Sherlyn calls Prithvi and Prithvi keeps ritika’s call on hold and speaks to Sherlyn. Kritika later on says Prithvi that she doesn’t like Sherlyn these days she was shouting Rishabh. And Kritika says Prithvi not to take Sherlyn’s sides all time.

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