Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2021 : Pritvi exposes Mahira in front of the Luthra’s

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2021 Written Update

Pritvi asks everyone that are they interested in knowing that why mahira tried to kill sherlyn.Sarla says thatsherlyn and mahira are friends then why would she want to kill her friend.

He tells her that Mahira betrayed Sherlyn. Rishabh tells him that he wonโ€™t leave him if the latter lied then. Mahira tells him that Prithvi twisting the matter so she will tell the truth to him.

Pritvi tell that he knows that she will tell everyone that sherlyn and he was in a relation.He says that he has helped her and that does not mean he is in a relationship with her.

Mahira says that does he have any proof .Pritvi shows the cctv footage of that day.everyone gets shocked mahira tries to explain that she did not want to kill sherlyn but no one believes her.

Rishabh asks her why she pushed Sherlyn.Preeta asks that why she didnโ€™t saw Mahira there. Prithvi tells her that Mahira hided after pushing Sherlyn and didnโ€™t came forward to help.

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Mahira asks that why will she try to kill her ,she tells that pritvi wants to throw her out of the house that’s why he is doing all this.Sherlyn comes and says that mahira was always jealous as the family accepted preeta as karans wife and not her.

Rishabh asks Mahira to leave the house and tells Girish to pack Mahiraโ€™s luggage.Sherlyn tells that the family has gone through a lot of trouble and now its time for the enjoyment she asks the family about Prithvi and kritika’s marriage.Dadi tells preeta to bring the invitation card.

Preeta goes to bring the cards.Mahira tells her that today they must be happy but no one knows the truth of sherlyns intentions.Mahira tells her that she will take revenge from Sherlyn and Prithvi by exposing them and the latter is her last target.

Mahira leaves the house. She tells pritvi that itโ€™s not an ending and she will expose him and Sherlyn and leaves from there.

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