Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi season 3 15th July 2021 Written Update

Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi season 3 15th July 2021 Written Update

Eshwari explains today and asks that when he is going to bring his own son to his own house. Dev tells that he has spoken to Sonakshi and he thinks that it would take some time for her to agree to the fact that she is Ayush’s mother.

Soha comes and hugs Sonakshi and leaves for school Sonakshi speaks with Ishwari . She tries to explain to Sonakshi that she should bring her own child to the home.

There dev arrives at Aayush house and hesitates before knocking on the door, he sees the old man trying to fix a rope , dev asks the man for help. The man is Ayush’s grandfather. He gets shocked seeing dev there. Dev helps him.

The man gets emotional on his son’s sudden death.Dev helps him,The man tells that he has lots of work pending. Dev goes to ayush room.

Both gets emotional,dev sits on the bed and ayush sits beside him.Dev tells the truth to Ayush that he is his real father,and explains what has happen years back.Ayush asks that how can he believe that he is his father. Dev tries to make him understand that at home soha is their and ayush will never feel alone.

There sonakshi see’s the old photos of soha and gets emotional ,she can’t think that she is not her son. Dadaji comes and tells Ayush that dev is his real father.

Dev tells that he will take ayush home the next day .Ayush starts crying dev also gets emotional.Ishwari helps sonakshi to accept that she gave birth to a boy.She tries to help sonakshi.

Next day dev and sona goes to bring ayush.They cant find him dev open the door of his room finds that ayush is hiding under the bed.later on sonakshi asks that how he knew that .Dev says that how he used to hide in his childhood when he used to get scared.

Ayush ,dev and sonakshi sits in the car and dev tells sona to speak to ayush sona tries to speak to ayush .they reach home ishwari remembers dev’s childhood seeing ayush.She does aarti and welcomes Ayush home.

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