Apna time bhi aayega Episode Sneak Peek Weekly Update : Will jai marry nanthini ?

Apna time bhi aayega Episode Written Update

Zee TV serial Apna time bhi aayega has become very much popular in the audience.

Audience is liking this serial very much and the serial Is Coming up with more masala and more twist in its upcoming story.

As it is shown in the track that, Rani and Veer knows the truth of Jai singh and doesn’t want Nandini to marry him because he is not at all a good person for Nandini.

Rani tries her best so that she can prove Nandini that jai is a very bad human being. When Veer goes to Kusum to ask for help ,jai singhs goons put kusum’s house on fire.

It was Vikram who saved veer and Kusum from there. When Jai Singh sees Kusum at Rajawat’s house he gets shocked he asks her why has she came in there.

Later on Nandini gets to know the truth of Jai singh she decides that you will be cancelling her wedding she goes downstairs and tells everyone that she is going to cancel her wedding with jai.

Rani Sa gets shocked hearing on this Nandini explains that how dressing has kept a relation with other women. On asking jai singh ,he tells to Rani sa that he is used to have a relation with Kusum but now he doesn’t have any relation with her.

Will rain sa agree with jai singh ?

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