Apna time bhi aayega Episode 28th July : Ranvijay apologize to Rajeshwari

Apna time bhi aayega Written Update

Rajeshwari, decorate the house because of veer birthday she is very happy Rajmata and Dikvijay, watch Rajeshwari decorating the house, and gets impressed later on Rajeswari notices them. Rajeshwari once everything to be perfect because she has got to know that veer is her son.

Vikram calls Nandini, and speaks to her about the truth. There Jai Singh calls Champa, Champa tells Jai Singh that she will tell him the story and secret if he pays her. Jai says once he reaches that house he will pay her but she says to pay her online.

Having no other way out Jai case the money to Champa online. Then Champa rules do truth that Veers Rajeshwari sun. There are Nandini also gets to know the safe from Vikram. She decides to visit the house.

In the evening the guests arrives to enjoy veer’s birthday party. Nandini stands shocked seeing veer, Rani and Ranvijay together. Nandini goes and hugs veer. Dikvijay tells Nandini about Ranvijay and Ranvijay gives blessing to Nandini.

The cake cutting ceremony starts everyone is very happy veer cut is the cake but when Rajeshwari goes to veer to give him the cake he is not her completely run Vijay gives cake to be and hugs him. Rajeshwari gets upset and leaves from there.

Rani follows Rajeshwari she tells her that if she can help her in any way she tells that she doesn’t need any help from her. Rajeshwari says that if you want to help then she has kept a gift for in Nandini’s room and asks Rani to give that to him.

Someone puts the gift on the cupboard, Rani faces difficulty in getting the gift, and by mistake the gift falls down and breaks. Everyone comes their veers does the first aid for running because she has hurt herself. Rani tells that everyone is waiting downstairs and they must go.

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Rajeshwari taunts Rani by saying that she can take care of a gift and she is thinking about the guests. She lives from there Ranvijay calls her and says that it is very sorry about what he has done before. He says that he can’t show anger on Rani because of him.

Rajeshwari asks that with whose permission Ranvijay has came to that house and what is his relation with that house veer overhears all this and comes in front of Rajeshwari and tells that he is his there as his father.

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