Apna time bhi aayega episode 15th july : What ! Dikvijay is not Veer’s Father

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th July 2021 Written Update

Veer keeps the photo of his family on the patient stable because he does not want, to leave any e opportunity to cure the patient as soon as he keeps the photo the patient wants to hold the photo and unfortunately he falls off the bed. The patient gets hurt and Veer gets shocked saying on this.

There Rani also thinks of the patient and remembers what Veer has said to her about the patient he calls Veer but we does not pick up the call. There tells division that she has seen that the patient it is no one but Ranvijay. DikVijay asks her that did she go there to kill him. Kumud Says that she only went there to confirm that who is he she tells that she removed the mask and found that it is no one other than ranvijay.

Hearing this name Rajeshwari gets angry and slaps her, she tells that she has no right to speak that name in their house she gets very angry on kumud. Rajmata comes and tells that maybe she has taken the name by mistake she tells Rajeshwari to go and take rest. She tells the DikVijay and Kumud to come with her.

There veer does the treatment of the patient.Rani recalls that what Veer said about Ranvijay and also how he reacted when he heard Rajavat’s names and she prays to God to cure him.Veer learns that Ranvijay’s blood group is not available in the blood bank which is O negative. He tells Nurse that his blood group also same so he will donate it.

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Rani tries to call Veer but we does not pick up the call their Rajmata that’s why she took the name of Ranvijay. She asks her that why she wants to hard Rajeshwari again. Digvijaya tells her that she doesn’t know the original truth. Kumud Signals dikvijay not to tell the truth to Rajmata. Rajmata asks that what else they are hiding from her.

Digvijaya tells that veer is not his and kumud’s son he is his elder brother ranvijay’s son.Hearing this Rajmata gets shocked she tells kumud to bring water. Rajmata tells Dikvijay that she wants to meet her son she tells that she wants to go to the hospital and see it Ranvijay. Dikvijay tells that veer does not know the truth at all and they should wait before they can meet Ranvijay.

Rani calls veer and asks about the patient he tells all the things that have happened in the hospital. Rani asks veer to send the photo of the patient.Dikvijay speaks to Rajmata about Ranvijay when Rajeshwari scolds the staff unnecessarily. Rajeshwari tells Rani that the next day Nandini will be coming for her wedding rituals and nothing is still ready.

Rani receives the picture of Ranvijay and asks Rajeshwari to see the picture and tell that whether she knows anything about the person or not, she tells that how the person behaves on seeing the Rajawats photo. Rajeshwari sees the photo and gets shocked.

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