Apna Time Bhi Aayega Ep 227 , July 27 2021 promo written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega July 27 2021

Zee tv daily soap apna time bhi bhi aayega is coming up with a very interesting plot ahead.In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that veer will get to know the truth of his life and he will be shocked.

The promo of Apna Time Bhi Aayega Ep 227, July 27, 2021, has been released on youtube. According to the video, veer will return to the house and listen to his relationship with the family.

Veer decides that he will leave the house,rajeshwari tells him to stay but he says that the relation in which there is no trust that relation is not good. Veer says that he will leave the house forever.

Rani makes him understand nut veer is very sad and made up his mind to leave the house he says that he will leave the house and that is his final decision. Rani asks veer that after knowing how can he do like this, he doesn’t listen.

Rajeshwari prays to veer to stay there but veer leaves, she sits on the floor and cries for her own son.

In the earlier episodes, it was shown that veer gets to know that it was rani sa who has mixed something to his drink. There Dikvijay tells the truth to rani sa . He says veer is ranvijay and rani sa’s child.

Rajeshwari could not believe this,dikvijay explain how ranvijay left the house so he had to marry her as she was very alone. Rani is also shocked after hearing all this.Until now rani sa used to think veer is an orphan but she gets to know that she herself is veer’s biological mother.

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