Apna time bhi aayega 22nd July :Rani brings Ranvijay home

Apna time bhi aayega 22nd July

Veer says rani and Vikram that what will happen to his patients if he leaves the hospital. He says that he knows that his license has been canceled but what will his patient do. Veer says that he has to wrap up his things from his cabin because he has to leave.

He leaves from there and Vikram follows him Rani thinks of the matter. Rani thinks that what has happened in between the time of operation because vee can’t be wrong. She remembers all the things that have happened how veer came out of the operation theatre and was feeling dizzy after that the media people came and asked Veer that what had happened to him.

Rani remembers Rani Sa coming. Rani thinks that how can it be possible that veer has been drunk during an operation and secondly how can media people get the information so quickly. Rani thinks that it must have been some once plan to destroy veer. Rani goes home and sees Rajeshwari very happy she tries to speak to her. Rani tells to Rajeshwari that how it is possible that Veer is drunk.[Also read | Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 : Media people accuses veer of being Drunk πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰]

Listening to this Rajeshwari asks Rani that why doesn’t she tell clearly that is she thinks that Rajeshwari is the main culprit in all these incidents. Rajeshwari tells Rani that when we used to listen to her nothing bad like that happened and now he listens to Rani and this is happening.

There veer goes to see the patient but the security guard stops him he asks other doctors about the patient the doctor says that the patient has been shifted to a different Hospital he gets shocked, he asks that who had given them the permission to do all this the doctor says that Rani Sa has given them the permission.

Veer goes back to home and says Rani sa to bring the patient back to their Hospital Rani Sa says that after all that has happened she had to do this because there was no other way. Veer tries to call all other doctors he knows and asks for help but everyone denies to help .

Veer gets emotional and starts crying Rani comes in and supports him. Rajmata Tells Champa to take the breakfast to veer’s room, suddenly she turns and sees that Rani has brought Ranvijay to the house. Seeing Ranvijay she gets shocked Dikvijay comes and when he sees Ranvijay he also gets shocked.

Dikvijay goes to stop Rani Rajmata says Digvijaya to stop Rajeshwari and not Rani. The Dikvijay goes to Rajeshwaris room and tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen she comes downstairs. There veer see that Rani has brought Ranvijay. Rani says that now veer does not have to worry because she has brought him there.

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Veer says that they must take him to his room, Rani Sa comes and says that their house is not a hospital that a patient will be there. She tells me to take Ranvijay out of the house she herself goes to take Rannvijay out of the house when she says that, Ranvijay is smelling very bad.

She warns Veer to throw Ranvijay out of the house, but Veer says that he will not do that he says that Ranvijay will stay with him and Rajeshwari does not have to see his face. Rani prays to God and says that everything is going in the right direction, because if Ranvijay stays at their house very soon veer will get to know that actually, Ranvijay is his father.

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