Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th July 2021 : Rani gets to know Ranvijay’s truth

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th July 2021

Rajeshwari tells Veer that he failed to be a good brother. Veer tries to make Rajeshwari understand that, you there was no fault because his patient was in coma, and that’s the only reason why he had to look after his patient. Veer says to Rajeshwari that, his patient has gone to coma for years and no one wanted to take the responsibility of him, so here to take the whole responsibility.

Rajeshwari tells that Veer has done a mistake,She tells him that in that process he hurt his sister and it’s not like there is no other doctor in the hospital. Rajeshwari says that she has heard about the patient, she tells that a heart’s doctor, himself can’t control his emotions. She says that she will talk to be read about the bills later on.

She also adds that Rani is equally responsible for this. And she leaves from there. Veer leaves from there.Rajmata asks Veer about his patient. Veer tells her that his patient doing fine now and gets worried thinking about Rajeshwari’s anger and leaves from there.

Rajmata tells Rani to go and stay with me. Rajmata tells Dikvijay that she wants to meet her son Ranvijay. Veer tries to hide his tears. Rani says that he should express himself.Veer recalls Rajeshwari’s words and cries and wipes his tears after seeing Rani. Veer tells Rajeshwari said truth he is not a good brother at all.

Dikvijay goes from there and tells Rajmata to take rest, Rajmata gets emotional seeing her elder son Ranvijay. Rajmata kisses Ranvijay on his forehead. Rani sees Dikvijay and Rajmata in Ranvijay room and thinks that there must be a connection between them. A man calls Rani seeing the advertisement for Ranvijay and Rani decides to meet him.

Later on Rani asks Rajmata do they know Ranvijay. Rani also shows ranvijay’s picture to Rajmata ,she tells a lie she tells that she doesn’t know him. Rani shows the full picture and she sees that she can be seen in the picture. Rani asks her that if they doesn’t know him then why were Rajmata and Dikvijay in his room.

Rani says that Kumud has told the truth to her and she knows everything. Rajmata asks Kumud Ravi Hasi tolalli truth to that Digvijaya is not my father, it is actually Rannvijay who is Veers father. Kumud says that she had told nothing to Rani.They get shocked seeing Rani there. Rani asks Rajmata that why the latter hided this huge truth from Veer and tells them that Veer deserves to know this truth.

Rajeshwari tears the cheque and tells veer to return everything she had given him. Rani gets shocked seeing the family.Rani decides that she will the truth to veer that he is not an orphan.

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