Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th July 2021 :Kumud comes to the hospital and gets Shocked ! seeing the patient

The teacher scold rani’s friend as they have failed to submit the project given to them.Rani arrives and gives the project to the teacher .The teacher praises rani as the project was very good.Rani says that her friends have also helped her a lot to finish this project and gives research data to him.

Dev, Vivek and Riya apologize to Rani and thanks her.Veer learns that the patient has responded to nanthini’s marriage video.he is shocked as the patient didi not respond since a long time .He tells rani that how the patient has responded to rajawats video.

Veer says to rain that there must be connection between the man and his family .rani says that it is not possible and to take care of the patient and do the treatment properly.They goes to meet the patient.

 Nanthini’s ‘griha pravesh’ happens. Malini asks Jai to take care of Nanthini. Jais father tells that if jai does anything than she can tell him .jai says he will take good care of her always.He takes her to the room and tell to pen her jewellery,and give it to him so that he can keep it in the locker.

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Nanthini gives all of her jewels to him. He leaves the room after taking those jewels and cash. One guy video calls Jai and asks about cash.Someone calls jai and asks about the cash jai shows them the cash in a video call.Kumud arrives at the hospital and gets shocked to see the patient.

Kumud hears someones foot steps and hides immediately.Veer and rain comes veer finds the patient in a very bad condition and scold the nurse for not taking care.Rani finds kumuds bangle and gets shocked to see it there at the hospital .

Nanthini thinks about how veer told her not to marry jai .She tells him that she is wondering that Veer will come to pick her for her ‘pag phera’ ritual or not because Veer changed so much after his marriage.Jai tells that she is no more as he is there,Jai tells that he wants to give happiness to nanthini so he has started a business by her name.

Nanthini gets emotional and hugs him.She tells him that she is wondering that Veer will come to pick her for her ‘pag phera’ ritual or not because Veer changed so much after his marriage. Kumud tells that she had never gone to the hospital ,Rani asks to show her hand, Dikvijay overhears their conversation and asks Rani that what is she doing in the basement.

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Dikvijay asks that what are they doing in the basement. Rani thinks the same that what is he doing in the basement.rani finds something is fishy ,she need to find out that.

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