Anupama Episode 321: Anupama gets upset with pakhi

Anupama 2nd july

Anupama asks pakhi that has she ever seen farmers , farming in the field pakhi says tha she had seen in the movies.Anu slaps her and tells her that its the parent’s fault that they could not teach their children all this. Anu says that pakhi has said to throw the burger.

Anu gives Rs.3500 to pakhi and says too burn the money pakhi gets shocked and says that she is not mad that she will burn money.Anu tries to make pakhi understand that wasting food and burning money both are the same. Kavya comes to interrupt, Anu stops kavya from coming between them.

Vanraj says anu to stop yelling at pakhi. Pakhi asks Vanraj if ordering food was a crime. Vanraj asks Anupama to stop stretching the matter. Anu says that she wants pakhi to learn the value of money and food. Leela says to pakhi that anu is saying for her good.

Vanraj says anu that she is yelling at pakhi without any reason.Anu says that if he really thinks that there is no reason. Kavya says that she will pay the money to her with a tip. Anu says her not to forget that the cafe owner is vanraj and tells her to pay the money with a tip to her husband.

Anu gets angry and leaves vanraj tries to speak to her but anu says she is not interested at all.Vanraj says that Anupama’s academy is running well and his cafe is yet to be established and he wants peace in his life,anu says that if he wants peace then it’s better not to talk now.

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Later on, anu and Samar collect the food left by pakhi and her friend,anu says that she will serve the food to Leela , she replies that she is not hungry. Kavya comes and says that anu is responsible for creating all this mess. Pakhi gives money to vanraj, he says not to do all these things. Pakhi says to keep the money with him.

Leela tries to interrupt Pakhi but Pakhi talks rudely with the former. Vanraj side Pakhi yet again.Samar says why Pakhi always creates drama in the house. Anupama comes and tries to control the situation. Pakhi says vanraj does not support her otherwise you will be blamed.

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Leela asks Vanraj not to support Pakhi in the wrong things. Vanraj says to Anupama that he will not spare Samar if he raises his hand on Pakhi. Anupama says Samar has a good upbringing.

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