Anupama Episode 29th july 2021 Spoiler: Mansi gives Only ‘2 Stars’ in review

Anupama Episode

Anupama is one the best tv daily soaps .In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that a girls uploads a video were she praises anu and tags her cool.

Kavya gets jealous and says vanraj that the girl has only praised anupama but not the cafe.

As soon in the latest episodes, that Mansi Jain who is a food critic, has visited the cafe and has given to Stars for the review of the cafe.

She has told that they has only discussed about personal stuff and nothing else. According to her the atmosphere was very irritating at the cafe.

In the earlier episodes it is shown that Anupama has told Kavya that she will not work for them in the cafe.

Nandini comes and says that she has invited a food critic who will be reviewing their Cafe. Everyone gets nervous because no one makes as tasty food as Anupama.

Later on Anupama comes to help then Kavya goes to her and says her to go to the kitchen Anupama shocks everyone after she says that she wants payment for help she will do to them.

Kavya pay Anupama Mani Anupama says that she wants online payment. Kavya asks for vanraj to pay the money to Anupama.

Later on Anupama apologizes to ba for asking money from Kavya , Leela says that she has done the right thing by asking money from Kavya.

One of Leela’s best friends come to the cafe, and she gives warm welcome. She asks vanraj to sing a song because he is a very good singer and after that he sings songs and everyone gets happy.

Anupama brings food for the critic, they are Kavya says Mansi that she is the only one behind the cafe and takes the whole credit.

The whole family gets shocked listening to all days. Afterwards all the customer wants to eat the food that they have given to Mansi but Kavya denies it.

Anupama brings the same food for all the customers and they get pleased with that. Afterwards while Mansi leaves Kavya asks that how did she feel about the cafe.

She tells them to wait for her reviews. And when her reviews comes they see that she has only given to stars to the cafe. According to her the cafe atmosphere was very irritating.

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