Anupama Episode 27th July: Rakhi insult’s anupama and vanraj by giving them money

Anupama is one of the most watched serials of Star Plus. In the upcoming episode, it will be interesting to see that how the Shah family deals with Rakhi.


Rakhi comes and says that it was due to her that were vanraj has got, customers because she has send customers to his place. Everyone is shocked listening to this. Rakhi says that she has send the girl gang as well as the other customers to the Cafe so that she can help them.

Rakhi puts money on the table, and says that she is paying on behalf of everyone vanraj returns the money and says that he can’t take money from Rakhi. Kavya asks that why he is not accepting the money because they don’t serve consumers for free.

Vanraj says that it’s ok but he can’t take money from Rakhi who always insults him and his family. Kavya asks Anupama to make him understand because he only listens to her, Hasmukh interrupts, but Kavya says him that she is not taunting but saying the truth. Kavya take the money and keeps it in a safe place.

Rakhi things that one day she will break the unity of the family and she will make sure that both the cafe and the Academy gets closed. After that she will bring Kinjal to her place. Later on Kinjal comes and say sorry to vanraj for all that Rakhi has said to him.

He says that she should not be sorry because it is not her mistake Anupama and Leela sees Kinjal and vanraj.[Also read | Anupama episode 26th July Written Update :Rakhi’s sudden visit to the cafe shocks Everyone👉👉👉]

Anupama in Leela’s pics to each other about how Kinjal and Nandini are so good daughter in laws. Leela says but Rakhi will separate Kinjal from them. Anupama says she wants Kinjal not to take any decision in anger.

Nandini comes and says that she has invited Mansi Jain. She tells that she has uploaded a photo of the cafe on the website, and Mansi being a food critic will be visiting their Cafe, to review their Cafe. Everyone gets excited listening to this.

Vanraj ask the shape to make good food, he tells Anupama to come there because she is the best in case of deciding food. Kavya goes to Anupama and requests her to come to the cafe and help them but she denies and ignores Kavya. Kavya comes and says to vanraj you that Anupama has told that she will not come.

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Vanraj tell the chef that they have to do it on their own, Leela, Kavya and others try their best to make tasty food for the cafe but they fail to make, as Anupama Makes.

There, Anupama teach her students. Mansi arrives the café. Shah’s wishes Mansi doesn’t order food whose recipe belongs only to Anupama. Mansi order the food. Anupama visit the café to help Vanraj.

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