Anupama Ep 320 Sneek Peak : Anupama gets angry on pakhi

anupama 21th july

The upcoming episodes of Anupama will be quite interesting. Banaras seats in the cafe and waits for his customer he is worried that he will become an on successful Businessman as told by Kavya. Vanraj worries that only one customer has came to his cafe in the entire day. Anupama motivates him and says him that he will be a good Businessman.

Later on vanraj gets are huge order, everyone gets happy he takes the order and waits for the delivery man. The delivery man does not come and he thinks that the whole food will go west but he comes. He says that it has been paid online. After receiving the money Anupama and vanraj gets happy.

Anupama and vanraj returns home when they get to the order was made by Pakhi, for her friend and the driver pick up the parcel. Knowing this Anupama gets upset. She finds that his friend has left half the burger there she asks that what are they going to do with the half of the burger that she has wasted. Pakhi he says that they can throughout the burger.

Listening to this Anupama and others get shocked. Anupama says that why Pakhi doesn’t Bond some money because she is doing the same by throwing the burger. Kavya says not to worry she will pay the whole money with tip. Anupama asks vanraj to take the money from his wife with tip.[Read more | Anupama 21st July 2021: Anupama motivates Vanraj 👉]

In the earlier episodes it was shown that Anupama and Vanraj inaugurated the cafe and dance academy. The family was very happy. Kavya try to manipulate Pakhi against Anupama. They are Rakhi has said Paritosh to move with Kinjal out of the house. Kinjal is not ready to move out of the house.

When Leela learns that the cafe has been named after her she gets very happy. Kavya warns that all startups are not successful. Everyone wishes that the business gets successful. There Pakhi is upset with Anupama because she has no time to teach her dance. And Kavya takes this opportunity to to manipulate pakhi against Anupama.[Read | Ola E-scooters registers 1 lakh bookings in record 1 day Only For-Rs.499/- 👉👉👉]

It would be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes that how Anupama teaches Pakhi a lesson. What should vanraj .do to make his business successful. The upcoming episodes of Anupama will be quite interesting. Keep watching Anupama and stay tuned with us for latest updates.

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